As part of our Community Trivia Night program, we had the pleasure of partnering with Portland Radio Project during the month of May. Together, we were able to raise some meaningful funds for the non-profit community radio station that’s such an integral part of our local music scene.

Started in 2013, Portland Radio Project was founded by a group of radio and broadcast professionals to address a gap that had formed in their realm. In their eyes, more and more commercial radio stations were straying from truly reflecting the local markets in which they served, instead relying on set playlists that could be played anywhere really.

So, through their grassroots efforts and DIY approach, the group at PRP went to work to address this missing element. Shortly after launching, Portland Radio Project hit the FM dial in 2015, residing at 99.1 on your FM dial.

The station’s mission is to elevate local artists and organizations through its programming while engaging a new generation of arts lovers and community supporters. Powered by a dedicated network of loyal volunteers, PRP is a throwback to the people-powered stations that truly represented the community in which they broadcast.

“PRP is a broadcast outlet for what you didn’t know you liked,” said Veronica Bisesti, executive director for Portland Radio Project. “It’s humans playing music for other humans.”

Biseti and Portland Radio Project are big on community. Volunteers are quick to support the station’s various causes and projects, as witnessed by their strong turnout during the Community Trivia Nights at The Record Pub in May.

For PRP, being an integral part of the fabric of Portland as a whole is critical. As a “spoke in the wheel” of such a wonderful community, being an active participant in the city’s cultural scene is something the station believes is important for the quality of life in our area.

“If we keep uplifting each other, we make sure the community is stronger as a whole,” Bisesti said.

To learn more about Portland Radio Project and to listen to tune in, be sure to check out the station’s website.